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For Professionals

Validformations offers tailor-made training courses for professionals and their staff, but more generally for all types of audience: employees, jobseekers, civil servants, the self-employed, etc. Whether you need to strengthen your team's skills, improve internal communication or develop specific skills linked to your sector of activity, we are there to help you.

sector, we're here to help.

Tailor-made training in French:

Tailor-made training courses in French

  • Programme tailored to your needs.

  • Duration adapted to your needs.

  • Adjustment to any level of knowledge and understanding.

  • Individual tuition with targeted objectives (face-to-face or distance learning).

  • Interactive and fun teaching methods.

  • In-depth needs assessment on request.

  • Flexibility of days and times.

  • Courses for all types of audience (employees, jobseekers, civil servants).


  • Master the Latin alphabet.

  • Ability to read and write.

  • Levels below C2 (CEFR).

Final assessment?

  • Written and oral assessments throughout the course.

  • Final positioning in relation to the CEFR (Common European Framework of

  • Reference for Languages) and certificate stating this.

How long ?

  • Training starts as soon as funding is approved and the quotation is signed (permanent entry and exit).
    Immediate implementation, taking into account the 15-day withdrawal period.

How ? 

  • Face-to-face or distance learning (Zoom , Teams, Skype)

  • By adapting to your level and your particular needs

  • By planning sessions according to our joint schedule

What are the benefits?

  • Be more confident in speaking and writing.

  • Develop your language skills.

  • Promote, motivate and involve your colleagues.

Specific VAE support :

Tailor-made support 

  • Programme tailored to your availability and needs.

  • Duration adapted to the needs of the candidate(s).

  • Suitable for all types of audience.

  • Individualised support with targeted objectives.

  • In-depth needs analysis.

  • Flexible days and times.

  • Evaluation and proofreading of written work throughout the course.


  • 1 year's experience required (1607 hours).

  • Fluency in French (written and spoken).

  • Use of IT tools (baccalauréat, BTS, university diplomas).

  • Level of potential investment required (between 150h and 300h of personal work).

  • Final assessment ?

Assessment methods?

  • Presentation of Booklet 2 to a VAE jury made up of teachers and professionals on a given date.

How long ? 

  • Support starts as soon as the funding is approved and the quote is signed.

  • VAE support lasts between 6 months and 1 year.

How ? 

  • Face-to-face or remote (Zoom, Teams or Skype).

  • By scheduling appointments according to our joint planning.

  • With a consultant trained and qualified in VAE, with experience of certifying bodies.

What are the benefits?

  • Obtain a diploma and move up the career ladder.

  • Feel recognised and valued in your profession.

  • Recognise the skills of your staff and motivate them.

  • Possibility of validating one or more blocks of skills.

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